Remington's Information

Breed: Husky german Shepard mix,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Morehead ky

I want to say He is a very sweet and loving dog. Probably one of the most affectionate I’ve ever had! He is a very good dog but has some problems He can’t help. He needs love and patience and to be the only animal. No small children either. But he isn’t mean or aggressive with people. He also isn’t constantly a problem he just has good and bad days. On his bad days He whines and whimpers more. He is a bit food and toy aggressive more toys than food. We’ve been working on it since we’ve had him. He has some mental issues his back feet sometimes kick repeatedly and once he is stuck in the face he will sometimes bite his foot. Recently our vet helped with a calming collar and he chilled out a lot and was able to function more like a normal dog. However dog on dog aggression has begun to show. It’s usually over toys or if he’s startled but lately it’s been more unpredictable. Including after one issue was over he re agressed for no reason. I have to re home him because I have a service dog I can’t risk him hurting and two small children. He will come with a harness a rain coat collar and his favorite toys. To help him adjust he will also have a blanket and a new calming collar if it arrives on time but I did order one. Please help me find a good home for Remi (his nickname he answers to both) he’s low energy most of the time likes to run when he can and loves car rides

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